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Freelancer, Developer, and Unix/Linux System Administrator (devOps). Problem-solving and process improvement mentality, Automation zealot. Good IT knowledge.

Open to devOps, web-scraping & automation proposals.

Began computer science as a self learner back in early 2000's, after doing game programming when I was around 13 years old with an Amstrad CPC 6128 and BASIC language.

Then graduated from CNAM Paris university in 2011: Professional Bachelor's Degree (Bac+3) in IT, development... (licence professionnelle ACSID: Analyse et Conception des Systèmes d'Information et de Décision).

Been using GNU/Linux on a daily basis for the past 20 years and I am quite fluent in using GNU tools, as well as text/Regex/HTML/XML/JSON/YAML/TOML/data processing/web scraping (with pptr and NodeJS) or Python and selenium/requests/lxml, Javascript, XPath, Bash, Perl, Python, Awk, VMware automation, Vagrant, Docker and still learning devOps tools (Packer, Terraform, AWS)...

Developed web scraping programs with Javascript, Python, Perl, shell since > 10 years.

Solved some tricky web scraping problems: captchas (OCR), bank virtual keyboards, Javascript based web sites. Intensive use of XPath.

Fan of functional programming and chained methods in JS/Perl/Ruby/Python.

Believe that clear and efficient code is always better. (Re)think my work everyday to ship the most clean/reliable/efficient/maintenaible code as possible.

Also a free* aficionado in all forms. Engaged in free software in different ways/projects/contributions.

Quite active nowadays on stackoverflow and unix.stackexchange.com, I enjoy engaging with the online technical community to learn/share and improve my skills.

Recently, I have been traveling a lot worldwide and living a 'digital nomad' lifestyle.

Outside of my work as a freelancer and developer, I was also a professional photographer and musician. Now as hobbies, they allow me to express my creativity and passion for art and music, and they often inspire my work as a programmer, like a good night of restorative sleep to gain perspective and getting the BIG picture behind current project(s).


$ dig +short TXT mail.sputnick.fr.

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